Your membership renewal to Latino and Latina Roundtable

It is that time of year again to renew or to become a member of the Latino and Latina Roundtable of the San Gabriel and Pomona Valley. This organization, for years, has been on the frontlines in supporting our worker, immigrant, student, union, day laborer, LGBTQ, farmworker, women, faculty, teacher, faith-based, and multi-racial communities (through community-based organizing and educational forums).  In this period when we are facing the challenges of ensuring covid relief resources and responding to recent local and national right-wing attacks by building multi-racial advocacy efforts, we need your support more than ever.  As you know, our organization played a leading role in beating back similar actions by these forces who attempted to get local cities to oppose the pro-immigrant sanctuary bill SB-54.  To continue this work, as part of our strategic plan, we urge you to become a member.  The LRT, since its inception, has primarily depended on the commitment of community-based volunteers and organizers. We have survived primarily from one major fundraiser per year and donations from friends like you. Now, with an office, director, and developing staff – we are more than ever in need of your support.  Please become a member and, if possible, also donate to advance the work of our organization. 

The Annual Membership annual cost is:  

$25.00 for individuals  

$10.00 for students, retirees, and low-income individuals 

You can complete an application by going to the LRT website at:     


Or: Venmo: Latino and Latina-Roundtable

Or by completing the attached application along with a check, (*Please make checks payable to The Latino/Latina Roundtable) and Mail to/: The Latino/Latina Roundtable: 1460 E. Holt Ave Mailbox #144, Pomona, CA 91767.  

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