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Support the No Papers No Fear Ride for Justice

On July 24th, undocumented members of Puente came out at the racial profiling trial of Sheriff Arpaio and were arrested in civil disobedience.


This summer, we are coming out of the shadows and getting on the bus. Our rights and our families are under attack and we’ve come too far to go back now.

Undocumented riders will come out publicly, support local people to build barrio defense, and perform peaceful civil disobedience to challenge the promoters of hate and set an example of love and fearlessness from Arizona to the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina.

Please click to donate for their bail fund.

You can get more info at, also on facebook at: UnDocuBus

In Denver, you can contact Huy Ong of Jobs with Justice or Marco Nuñez of Centro Humanitario

In Austin, you can contact Sarahi Uribe at


Support the California Opportunity and Prosperity Act (COPA) – ACA 27

13 MORE CALLS!! – Close to the Finish Line 

Thanks to your calls –5 more legislatures have expressed their support for COPA/ACA 27.  Help us urge 13 others to actively support.

Support the California Opportunity and Prosperity Act (COPA) – ACA 27.

A floor vote in the California Assembly is expected this week.

COPA would provide a “safe harbor” to up to 2 million undocumented California residents.

We are urging specific members of the California Assembly to actively support and vote yes on COPA/ACA 27.

Help us and call 17 Legislatures Today!

Here’s how:

1. Dial their capitol office and ask to speak with their legislative director or contact person. If they are not available leave a message with the secretary.

2. When you speak you should say something like:

“Hi my name is __________, I am calling on behalf of [your organization] part of the COPA/ACA 27 Community Coalition in support of ACA 27. I’m calling to ask the Assemblymember to vote yes on ACA 27 – COPA. ACA 27 is good public policy, as it benefits both my community and the state of California by generating over $320 million in new taxes. ” *You can personalize this message.

3. That is it! Make these 17 calls today and share with your membership, friends and family.


Here is the list to call:

Assemblymember Michael Allen
7th Assembly District
Capitol Office: (916) 319-2007
Contact: Erica Costa (legislative director)
Represents: Napa, Santa Rosa, Vallejo

Assemblymember Tom Ammiano
13th Assembly District
Capitol Office: (916) 319-2013
Contact: Curtis Notsinneh (legislative director)
Represents: San Francisco area

Assemblymember Toni Atkins
76th Assembly District
Capitol Office: (916) 319-2076
Contact: Bridget Kolakosky (legislative director)
Represents: San Diego area

Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield
40th Assembly District
Capitol Office: (916) 319-2040
Contact: Colleen Beamish
Represents: Van Nuys area

Assemblymember Susan Bonilla
11th Assembly District
Capitol Office: (916) 319-2011
Contact: Ana Rodriguez (legislative director)
Represents: Concord, Antioch, Martinez

Assemblymember Julia Brownley
41st Assembly District
Capitol Phone: (916) 319-2041
Contact: Julie Gallagher (legislative director)
Represents: Malibu, Santa Monica areas

Assemblymember Joan Buchanan
15th Assembly District
Capitol Office: (916) 319-2015
Contact: Christina Lokke (legislative director)
Represents: Walnut Creek and San Ramon Valley

Assemblymember Wesley Chesbro
1st Assembly District
Capitol Office: (916) 319-2001
Contact: Emily Rogers or Robert Layne
Email: or
Represents: Sonoma, Eureka, Mendocino& Lake

Assemblymember Cathleen Galgiani
17th Assembly District
Capitol Phone: (916) 319-2017
Contact: Alejandro Espinoza
Represents: Stockton, Los Banos, Merced

Assemblymember Richard S. Gordon
21st Assembly District
Capitol Phone: (916) 319-2021
Contact: Lucas Frerichs
Represents: Palo Alto, Redwood City, Los Gatos

Assemblymember Mary Hayashi
18th Assembly District
Capitol Office: (916) 319-2018
Contact: Leandra Mekata
Represents: Hayward, San Leandro

Assemblymember Jerry Hill
19th Assembly District
Capitol Office: (916) 319-2019
Contact: Meegan Murray
Represents: Daly City, Belmont, San Gregoria

Assemblymember Alyson Huber
10th Assembly District
Capitol Office: (916) 319-2010
Contact: Robert Simpson (legislative director)
Represents: Amador County, Lodi, Rancho Cardova

Assemblymember Fiona Ma
12th Assembly District
Capitol Office: (916) 319-2012
Contact: Dominick Guidera
Represents: West S.F. and North San Mateo County

Assemblymember William W. Monning
27th Assembly District
Capitol Office: (916) 319-2027
Contact: Bethany Westfall
Represents: Monterey, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz

Assemblymember Richard Pan
5th District Assembly
Capitol Office: (916) 319-2005
Contact: Darin Walsh
Represents: Placer and Sacramento Counties

Assemblymember Nancy Skinner
14th Assembly District
Capitol Office: (916) 319-2014
Contact: Liz Mooney (legislative director)
Represents: Berkeley, Richmond, El Cerrito

Diego E. Janacua Cortez
Field Organizer
Office: (323) 343-9299

Learn about COPA:

The Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP),founded in 1974, is the largest and oldest non-partisan Latino voter participation organization in the US.

Action At Pomona City Hall

From 4:00pm until 6:00pm, there will be an action at Pomona City Hall (505 South Garey Ave.) with Inland Empire undocumented youth coming out of the shadows and sharing their stories along with youth across the country. Join the Inland Empire-Immigrant Youth Coalition for “National Coming out of the shadows” week.