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Latino/a Roundtable Dia De Los Muertos – November 3, 2019

Please join Latino/a Roundtable on November 3, 2019 from 3-7 pm at the dA Center for the Arts to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos.   This is a non-commercial event to remember and celebrate our loved ones.  We will have one central altar where you can bring a picture and/or other items of those who have passed.  Time will be set aside for you to share something about them. Other altars will also be part of this event.  Please bring your family. There will be crafts to create, face painting, dance and food to share.  All are welcomed to join.

Inivtation DIA DE LOS MUERTOS ENCUENTROS EVENT 11/11 – with food, ceremony, and music

Come and join us this Saturday November 11 from 5:30pm-10pm at the Pitzer Grove House (1001 Service Road in Claremont) to give thanks to all our workers and community members from the Pomona Economic Opportunity Center, the Latino and Latina Roundtable, and Pitzer College . We will be placing a plaque in memory of the community members and workers who have passed away from our Pitzer familia at 5:30 PM (in the worker garden behind the Pitzer Grove House) – particularly remembering dining hall, facilities, and housekeeper workers that have passed away. After the ceremony, we will be serving food and we will also be having a live Latin Jazz band performing (with Pitzer alumnus Joaquin Calderon playing on congas).  Please come — send this notice to your listserv — invite others —  and bring a friend or family member! Hope to see you all there!

Your personal invitation to Dia de Los Muertos Celebration (LRT) – November 5, 2017

This is your personal invitation to join us in our annual community-based celebration of Dia de Los Muertos at the dA Center for the Arts on Sunday, November 5, 3 -6 PM at the dA Center for the Arts in Pomona.  We are writing to you personally to bring an item (picture, food, drink, or other items — to include in the altar – as part of our collective effort to remember our loved ones).  

Please join Latino/a Roundtable on November 5, 2017, to Celebrate Dia de Los Muertos at the dA Center for the Arts.  This event is open to our members and the public or all ages.  We will have entertainment, food and art projects for the youth to create as well as face painting for all.  We will have a ceremony to celebrate the lives of those  who  have passed.   Those who are no longer with us but whose spirit or meaning or contributions continue to live today.  To ensure that our ceremony is a success, please bring an item (picture, food ,drink or other items you want to add to the altar to remember your loved ones.  The event is from 3-6 p.m. at 252 Main Street, Pomona.
Rose Calderon
Latino/a Roundtable