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Income Inequality and Education Inequality

There is no separation between income/wealth inequality and education inequality.

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What If Education Reform Got It All Wrong in the First Place?

Air Bags for Rich Kids – LA-Times Article

It is not an equal playing field and this article adds to the literature on some of the structural inequities that many of our underrepresented students and their families confront everyday in their communities.

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Pomona Unified Begins Process to Shift from At-Large to Trustee-Area Elections

Pomona Unified Begins Process to Shift from At-Large to Trustee-Area Elections Public Invited to Provide Input on Proposed Trustee Areas.

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Presentation at a PACE Parent Recognition Dinner

Presentation at a PACE Parent Recognition Dinner: “All of you here represent the great strides that have been made in advancing the optimal capacities of our children and families – and in increasing their potential. Continue reading

Black and Hispanic children, nonetheless, continue to lag behind

“Black and Hispanic children, nonetheless, continue to lag behind. The black-white gap, as Diane Ravitch documents in her book Reign of Error, narrowed greatly in the era of desegregation, Continue reading

Education that Advances Democracy

A column appeared today in the Daily Bulletin that I wrote before the charter school issue at Pomona Unified.  To their credit, Pomona Unified school board members denied a proposal by one of these independent for-profit acadamies to open a K-12 charter school in the district.  The article is timely since I will be speaking to these issues today at a Claremont Colleges’ conference of twenty liberal arts colleges from throughout the U. S. on community engagement.  The link to my column is below:

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Teacher Education and Practice

This article was published in a Texas journal.

Civic Engagement,  A Tool For Building Democracy