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Request to Support the LRT for Annual Cesar Chavez Breakfast Fundraiser

This is to let you know that our Latino and Latina Roundtable will be holding its annual Cesar Chavez breakfast fundraiser once again on Friday, March 26, 2021 (Cesar Chavez Day).  I know that some of you may get tired of our requests, but we are persistent in reaching out to you because we know that you know of our work and how, for years, it has been based on volunteers.  Now, for the first time, we have a director and an office and a vision of developing a staff.  Hence, to further advance our organizing efforts and our vision, we are asking for your support once again. As you know, our annual fundraiser is not just about sustaining our education, immigrant rights, college pipeline, environmental, and community economic development organizing – but is also aimed at bringing to center stage and honoring leaders and social justice scholarship students in our region who best exemplify the principles and values of Cesar Chavez.  On March 26th, the LRT will present scholarships to students who are exemplary in connecting their studies with community engagement.   Please help us in sharing the attached scholarship application with others (that has a due date of March 5th). 

It is with that spirit that I invite you to save the date of March 26th and to donate at the level that you or your organization can afford. Please see the attached sponsorship levels that include e-tickets for the virtual event and name listing in the program. You can also purchase individual ticket(s) at $50 per ticket, $25 for paid LRT members, and/or $10 for students and low-income individuals or retirees.   


You can go through Eventbrite to pay by credit card at- 

or Mail RSVP & payment to Latino and Latina Roundtable 1460 E Holt Ave, Mailbox 144, Pomona, CA 91767 (make checks payable to Latino/a Roundtable).  For information please call (909) 480-6267 or visit our website 

Here is also the video created by Olga Rojas on our Latino and Latina Roundtable:


Jose Zapata Calderon

President of the Latino and Latina Roundtable of the San Gabriel and Pomona Valley

Copy of Cesar Chavez Breakfast RSVP 2021-4

Latino and Latina Roundtable 17th Annual Cesar Chavez Breakfast 3.26.2021

Buenas Tardes Latino and Latina Roundtable Familia,

First and foremost, I hope you are doing well and feeling healthy. We have some exciting news for you! We are pleased to announce that we will be celebrating virtually the legacy of Cesar Chavez this year on Friday 3.26.2021 at 9 am. Please save the date and share widely. More information will be made available in the coming weeks.
This is our main fundraiser and beloved event that brings our community together. Although the COVID-19  pandemic has prevented us from gathering, we are hopeful that we have your support and this event will be successful.  Most importantly, we are excited to continue this tradition and celebrate our students and community leaders that embody the values of Cesar Chavez.
For sponsorship opportunities or to make a donation please contact me or visit our website or call (909) 480-6267.
Si Se Puede!!!!

Latino and Latina Roundtable – members’ retreat Sat. January 23rd at 1 pm

“Mini-Retreat” meeting online for Saturday, January 23 at 1 P. M. (the zoom link is here and below:
1.Reflection on the contemporary conditions for our work
2. summary of our work this last year
3. the LRT Priorities for 2021
4. planning for our Cesar Chavez Annual Breakfast Fundraiser
5. Membership drive annual campaign
 Please also invite others that want to join the LRT and our efforts.

Your membership renewal to Latino and Latina Roundtable

It is that time of year again to renew or to become a member of the Latino and Latina Roundtable of the San Gabriel and Pomona Valley. This organization, for years, has been on the frontlines in supporting our worker, immigrant, student, union, day laborer, LGBTQ, farmworker, women, faculty, teacher, faith-based, and multi-racial communities (through community-based organizing and educational forums).  In this period when we are facing the challenges of ensuring covid relief resources and responding to recent local and national right-wing attacks by building multi-racial advocacy efforts, we need your support more than ever.  As you know, our organization played a leading role in beating back similar actions by these forces who attempted to get local cities to oppose the pro-immigrant sanctuary bill SB-54.  To continue this work, as part of our strategic plan, we urge you to become a member.  The LRT, since its inception, has primarily depended on the commitment of community-based volunteers and organizers. We have survived primarily from one major fundraiser per year and donations from friends like you. Now, with an office, director, and developing staff – we are more than ever in need of your support.  Please become a member and, if possible, also donate to advance the work of our organization. 

The Annual Membership annual cost is:  

$25.00 for individuals  

$10.00 for students, retirees, and low-income individuals 

You can complete an application by going to the LRT website at:     


Or: Venmo: Latino and Latina-Roundtable

Or by completing the attached application along with a check, (*Please make checks payable to The Latino/Latina Roundtable) and Mail to/: The Latino/Latina Roundtable: 1460 E. Holt Ave Mailbox #144, Pomona, CA 91767.  

Join us to celebrate the Zennie Cummings Award!

Hello LRT Family!

Happy New Year! We hope this second week of 2021 finds you and yours in a better place.

In the spirit of comunidad -we wanted to extend the invitation to this year’s Pomona Inland Valley MLK Celebration. The Latino and Latina Roundtable is this year’s recipient of the Zennie Cummings Community Service Award. Ms. Cummings was an amazing woman whose legacy lives on. We are honored and grateful to the Pomona Inland Valley MLK Project for recognizing our work. Please join in on the celebration from the comfort of your home!

39th Annual Pomona Inland Valley MLK Project Celebration
on Sunday, January 17th, 2021 6 pm-7 pm.

The VIRTUAL celebration will stream LIVE for all to enjoy via website

Always grateful to you,

Lina and the LRT Board

We can’t do it without you! 🙏

Dear LRT Friends,

It is not too late to make a donation to the Latino and Latina Roundtable. Thank you for supporting non-profits on Giving Tuesday.  Your Giving Tuesday gift will assist with our civic engagement and leadership development. Now more than ever we need our communities equipped with information and tools to organize and take action. We are looking ahead to 2021 and counting on you to help us get there!

Please support us,  We have two options- a Facebook Fundraiser and also a Go Fund Me- Charity page.



In Solidarity,
Lina Mira and LRT Board