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To LRT Members: Ice Out of Pomona Coalition ordinance is on the Council Agenda!

The Latino and Latina Roundtable, as part of the Ice Out of Pomona Coalition, invites our members to join us at the Pomona City Council in support of “An Ordinance of the City Council to Comply With the Requirements of the California Values Act in Order to Preserve Public Safety (see the attached city council agenda).  The Introduction and First Reading of this Ordinance will take place this Monday, November 11 and the actual vote will take place on Dec. 18.  We are not organizing in a big way for Dec. 11 since this is primarily for the introduction and urge our members not to post this on social media.  We do ask that you start preparing for Dec. 18th for the actual vote.  In the city council agenda (page 3 and bottom of page 4) , you will find the Latino and Latina Roundtable support letter attached (as well as a letter from lawyer Jim Sanbrano who has been a representative of LRT on the coalition).  Where:  Pomona City Hall  When:  Dec. 11 and Dec. 18   Time:  show up no later than 6 pm to get a good seat inside the city council chambers.

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The Age of Trump and the Rise of Authoritarianism

The Age of Trump and the Rise of Authoritarianism

I like the title of this conference, flirting with Fascism, because what is happening in this country right now – has some vestiges of fascism – although this is not a settled question.  We still have democratic forms and some democratic rights – that we must use to advance a more just and democratic society.  However, what are some of these vestiges?

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Editorial | Yes He Can, on Immigration | NY Times | 4.5.14

New York TimesURL: 7 April 2014 SundayReview|EditorialYes He Can, on Immigration


APRIL 5, 2014

If President Obama means what he says about wanting an immigration system that reflects American values, helps the economy and taps the yearnings of millions of Americans-in-waiting, he is going to have to do something about it — soon and on his own. It has been frustrating to watch his yes-we-can promises on immigration reform fade to protestations of impotence and the blaming of others. All Mr. Obama has been saying lately is: No, in fact, we can’t, because Republicans and the law won’t let me. Continue reading

President Obama has the executive power to stop deportations

Votantes Latinos asked: “when folks say there are executive orders to halt deportations, what specifics are, something like daca, temporary, Its good if specifically stated what executive order can be, for example defund secure communities, do you have any example of recommendations on executive orders? Continue reading

LRT: Ten Year Anniversary of March in support of Driver’s Licenses

In marking the 10 year anniversary of the recall of Davis, and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s immediate repeal of the driver’s license bill that Davis had signed, we remember Padre Luis Angel Nieto, the 17 students from my Rural and Urban Social Movements class, and the many day laborers from the PEOC who led a four-day march from Claremont to Los Angeles in 2003 (see the article that appeared in the L. A. Times below). Continue reading

Meaning of September 15 and 16 Independence Day

The days September 15 and 16 are special holidays in the history of Latin America.  It is important to discuss the meaning of these days when, for too many people in the U. S., because of money-hungry advertisers, the days are now comprised of beer commercials and Latino stereotypes.   A hidden meaning is the unity that diverse racial groups played in organizing for their “independence.” Continue reading