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Janet Napolitano’s Years of ‘Public Service’

How can anyone, particularly a union (AFSCME) that represents workers, “appreciate Janet Napolitano’s years of public service and congratulate her on becoming the next President of the University of California?” Continue reading

Appropriate for These Times:

A poem from “Lalo” Delgado — appropriate for these times:

Stupid America Continue reading

LRT Meeting to discuss immigration and driver’s license bills

You are invited to the Latino and Latina Roundtable membership meeting this Saturday, July 13th, Continue reading

Remembering Raymond Rodriguez

Remembering Raymond Rodriguez who, along with Professor Francisco Balderrama, exposed how, during the depression, Continue reading

On the Tarahumara and Caballo Blanco

Interestingly, I had picked up the book “Born to Run” about a month ago and could not stop reading it —  because I am a runner, Continue reading

My response to Martin Rodriguez

My response to Martin Rodriguez who proposes that, in regards to having any influence over immigration policies, “marches and protests don”t work — Continue reading

Affirmative action must remain part of college admissions policies

Published in the Daily Bulletin

Jose Zapata Calderon
Posted:   06/28/2013 08:27:12 PM PDT
Updated:   06/28/2013 09:35:17 PM PDT

The recent affirmative action case before the Supreme Court is among many, in recent years, that have sought to wipe out any use of race in college admissions. Continue reading

US Senate Passes Immigration Bill

As we predicted, the Senate just passed an immigration bill that includes a 13-year to lifetime provision for citizenship (depending on whether the border is secure to the liking of those in power).   Continue reading

Urban and Rural Entities.

A recent study out of Brown University is compelling in examining how the demographic changes that are occurring in the U. S. are blurring the distinctions of what we used to define as distinct urban and rural entities. Continue reading