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Heros of the People’s Movements

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  1. Jeffrey Bissoy

    Hi Jose,

    My name is Jeffrey Bissoy, I’m a producer with Minnesota Public Radio. Our show MPR News with Kerri Miller is starting a mini-series called, “They Believe,” where our host, Kerri, will bring to light some of the greatest essays in U.S. history and unpack their meaning and how these speeches still impact us, today.

    We would like to invite you for a conversation on Cesar Chavez’s speech at the “Commonwealth Club Address.” In that speech, Chavez speaks about the importance of the farmer union and how its responsible for the elevation of Latinos across America.

    Growing up with parents that were migrant works and having studies Cesar Chavez work, Kerri is interested in having your thoughts on the speech. She is hoping you could help us put into context what led up to the speech? Who was Chavez directing the speech to and how was it received? Also, she’s hoping you could help link some of the main points of Chavez’s speech to some of the issues we’re experiencing today with immigration and labor unions.

    We’d love to have you on the show and I’d love to talk about this more with you.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Thank you,



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