Invitation to Pot-Luck Commemoration of Blanca Mariscal and Parents on April 8th

04/08/2016 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Pot-Luck for Blanca Mariscal
Address: 2720 Barjud Avenue, Pomona, CA, United States

What:  Pot-Luck Sharing of Food and Ceremony at Cesar Chavez Park to commemorate parents and the example of PUSD parent Blanca Mariscal

When:  Friday, April 8th at 4:00 pm

Where:  Cesar Chavez Park (2720 Barjud Ave. in Pomona)

By word of mouth and this invitation, we ask for your help in bringing together friends again, like we did last year, the day before the Cesar Chavez Pilgrimage, to share food in a pot-luck and in a short ceremony to honor the work of parents and the example of Blanca Mariscal.  The pot-luck and ceremony willl be held at Cesar Chavez Park (2720 Barjud Ave.) in Pomona, California on Friday, April 8th beginning at 4:00 PM. – the day before the annual Cesar Chavez pilgrimage march and fiesta.  After the pot-luck we will make flags and posters for the pilgrimage march on Saturday.

Blanca was one of the parent leaders in the annual Cesar Chavez Pilgrimage march and festival held at Garey High School. She helped  in making the food for the event and ensuring that all the proceeds would go toward student scholarships. She also was part of a delegation of parents and students which participated in a visit to La Paz (Keene, CA) where Cesar Chavez is buried. After the visit, she continued to work on the annual pilgrimage but got very sick with cancer and ended up in the hospital. Although in the hospital, she continued to organize the parents for a very successful pilgrimage but, shortly after, passed away. The Cesar Chavez Pilgrimage Committee, along with the Latino and Latina Roundtable, PUSD parents and students, family, and other supporting groups invite you to join with us in a ceremony and a pot-luck afterward.   We will also be making posters, flags, and banners after the pot-luck.