Support bill AB 1993, the Inequitable Impounds Bill

AB 1993, the Inequitable Impounds bill, is moving forward. The Assembly will vote on the bill this week (as early as tomorrow).

Please call your Assembly member today to express your support for the bill. (If you aren’t sure who your representative is, this Find Your State Representatives link may be helpful.)

AB 1993 (Ma) Inequitable Impounds, will allow local governments to impound a car for less than 30 days for certain traffic infractions where the offense involves a person who has never been given a driver’s license.

AB 1993 would end the unfair and unnecessary car impoundment policies which are resulting in severe financial hardship for low-income individuals and families in California.

This bill will prevent car impoundments by allowing unlicensed drivers “reasonable time” to call a licensed driver to show up at the scene and drive the vehicle away.

Thank you for your continued support!

Gabriela Villareal
Policy Analyst
California Immigrant Policy Center

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