Assembly passes TRUST Act – Final vote count 48 yes votes!

The CA Assembly passed the TRUST Act (AB 1081) today by 48 votes, including an add on by Assemblymember Nathan Fletcher (who is an Independent!). See attached for the final vote card, which has 48 yes votes, 26 noes, 6 not voting. Many thanks to Assemblymember Ammiano and his staff, the TRUST Act team in Sacramento (Tiffany & Ron), and the many people who lobbied Assemblymembers for getting us to this many votes.

There was a lively floor debate on the Assembly floor about our bill with Assemblymember Das Williams explaining why he moved to a YES vote. The video should be posted here in the next few days:

Please take a moment to call to thank the following Assemblymembers who spoke in support today on the Assembly floor:
Luis Alejo
(916) 319-2028
Das Williams:
(916) 319-2035
Speaker John Perez
(916) 319-2046
Gil Cedillo
(916) 319-2045
Norma Torres
(916) 319-2061

Sample thank you: “Thank you for voting YES on the TRUST Act (AB 1081). Your vocal and strong support of community policing and keeping families together means a lot and makes a big difference. Please continue to support this bill by asking Governor Brown for his signature.”

And please also thank the Assemblymembers who voted yes, with an emphasis on Buchanan, Flectcher, Galgiani, Gatto, Hall, Hayashi, Perea, and Williams. We’ll send out an e-advocacy tool soon to make this easy and fast.

Hope many of you can make it to the march and rally in support of the TRUST Act next Tuesday, Aug. 28th at 10AM in Sacramento. Attached and below is a flier for this statewide action focused on encouraging Gov. Brown’s signature.



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