COPA Has passed the Assembly

The word from Asm Fuentes office is COPA-SB901 has its 41 votes!!

We must now begin to call Senate offices.  Use the same talking points that were sent to you for Assembly calls, just change to wording appropriate for addressing Senate offices. Emphasize that President Pro Tem of the Senate Darrel Steinberg is the author of SB901!

Below is the call list.  Its also attached. Please give us a report after making your Senate calls. THE VOTE WILL BE TODAY!

Member Name                  Jobtitle                Phone #

Alquist, Elaine Kontominas    Senator District 13th      916-651-4013
Calderon, Ron                           Senator District 30th      916-651-4030
Corbett, Elen M.                      Senator District 10th        916-651-4010
Correa, Lou                               Senator District 34th       916-651-4034
de Leon, Kevin                         Senator District 22th        916-651-4022
deSaulnier, Mark                     Senator District 7th          916-651-4007
Evans. Noreen                          Senator District 2nd         916-651-4002
Hancock, Loni                           Senator District 9th          916-651-4009
Hernandez, Ed                         Senator District 24th        916-651-4026
Kehoe, Christine                      Senator District 39th        916-651-4039
Leno, Mark                                Senator District 3rd          916-651-4003
Lieu, Ted W.                              Senator District 28th         916-651-4028
Liu, Carol                                   Senator District 21st          916 651-4021
Lowenthal, Alan                        Senator District 27th         916 651-4027
Negrete McLeod, Gloria          Senator District 32nd         916 651-4032
Padilla, Alex                               Senator District 20th         916 651-4020
Pavley, Fran                               Senator District 23rd         916 651-4023
Price, Jr., Curren D.                 Senator District 26th          916 651-4026
Rubio, Michael J.                     Senator District 16th           916 651-4016
Simitian, S. Joseph                  Senator District 11th           916 651-4011
Steinberg, Darrell                    Senator District 6th             916 651-4006
Vargas, Juan                             Senator District 40th           916 651-4040
Wolk, Lois                                 Senator District 5th              916 651-4005
Wright, Roderick D.                Senator District 25th            916 651-4025
Yee, Leland Y.                          Senator District 8th               916 651-4008

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