Warehouse Workers’ Strike

The Warehouse workers are so courageous in striking and walking 50 miles at this time to expose the deplorable conditions in their workplace. So many of our communities shop at Wal Mart because the products are cheap. But they are cheap because of how Wal Mart exploits its workers abroad and here. Wal Mart makes tremendous profits while it pays its workers low wages with little or no health benefits. At the same time, Wal Mart has the distinction of being the leader in union-busting. It is known for itimidating and firing workers when they dare to stand up for their rights. I was proud today to be part of a delegation of community representatives that met with Wal Mart officials – where we called on the corporation — to be responsible — to not just act in the interests of more profits — to stop the retaliation and unfair labor practices — and to act in the interests of the working families whose labor has made Wal Mart one of the richest corporations in the world.

On Sunday, the marchers will depart at 7:00am from Emmanuel Episcopal Church (4366 Santa Anita Ave) in El Monte and Arrive at 4:00pm at Dolores Mission Church (170 South Gless Street) in Los Angeles. Most importantly, we need to be there to support the last leg fo their six day march on Tuesday — beginning at 10:00am at Dolores Mission Church – 170 South Gless Street, Los Angeles and arriving at 12:30pm at Our Lady of Los Angeles Church – 535 N. Main Street, Los Angeles

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