Ballot Initiative Forum

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We need your help in turning out participants for the Ballot Initiative Forum this next Wednesday, October 10th at Our Lady Of Assumption in Claremont.  A lot of our friends will be going to the polls without knowing what the ballot propositions are all about.  There are too many propositions on the ballot that deeply affect our communities (from funding for education to the future of unions to ending the death penalty, etc.) — for us to be complacent.  This forum is an opportunity to organize others, to inform them on the propositions, and to get out their invformed vote.  We are asking each member to commit themselves to invite 5 people to the forum.  You have already received leaflets on the forum.  Please send the announcement to your listservs and place it on facebook.  Let everyone you interact with know about the forum.  In particular, focus on five friends, call them, take them out to coffee or a nice restaurant, buy them a gift, and invite them to the forum.  Please pass out leaflets at any meeting you attend.  Most of all, remind yourself and don’t forget:

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