Exposing the Corruption Due to Large Money in our Democratic System

“Before, during, and after these elections — what has to be exposed is the large amount of money that is being spent by multi-millionaires to emotionally affect the votes of our hard-working communities – who often are just trying to survive. What if all those funds that they are spending to advance their power were used to increase the quality of our schools, our health care system, and our economy? It is such an injustice to our communities that the likes of Koch, Munger — and now Bloomberg — are able to invade our homes with their self-serving ads — when the working people, whose labor has helped to make these corporate owners wealthy, have to take to the streets to have their voices heard.”~ Jose Z. Calderon

Bloomberg should focus on NY not IE, Baca saysblog.pe.comGloria Negrete McLeod, left, and Joe Baca, right, are both Democrats vying for the newly drawn 35th Congressional district. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s political PAC has donated more than $3 million to NEgrete McLeod’s campaign including last minute television advertising for $2.3 million.

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