Our hearts go out to Jose Diaz

Our hearts go out to Jose Diaz who has been a consistent, spirited, and strong leader at the Pomona Day Labor Center (see message below). Please join us tomorrow (Friday) morning for a prayer service at the center at 9 A. M.

Dear PEOC friends and family, it is with a heavy heart that we inform you of a tragedy affecting the family of one of our strongest fighters, José Díaz. His grandson and various other individuals died in an automobile accident back in Mexico. Tomorrow a rosary will be prayed at the center at 9:AM by Father Pat Guillén for the souls of Héctor Alejandro Díaz, 18 years old, José’s grandson, and César Alejandro Hernández, 19 years old, José’s son’s stepson, both of whom lost their lives in the accident. We would like to invite you all to commemorate their lives and their memory. May they rest in peace.



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