Santa Monica Latinos Protest Obama’s Deportation Policies

The mighty mighty people!!

Mad, yes! Everyone should be mad that, although this administration vows that it supports policies that will only deport dangerous criminals – we continue to see the largest deportations in history – deportations that include non-criminal acts such as that of immigrants who have re-entered the country to reunite with their families — or those who have only minor convictions such as traffic offenses or entering the U.S. without a visa. What is considered a “criminal offense” continues to be defined by ICE – and studies show that what are defined as criminal offenses are defined so broadly – that they include minor offenses – that are being treated as serious crimes. Further, we are continuing to see raids at workplaces – where workers are being detained and deported. We continue to see states like Arizona and Alabama, that are using Secure Communities and other laws that they have passed to allow the state and local police to arrest and convict immigrants for minor offenses and turn them over to ICE for deportation even though they pose no threat to the community.

Our undocumented brothers and sisters have earned the right to keep their families together and to receive back the benefits that they have already contributed to this economy and to economies abroad

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