URGENT ACTION: Sign-on letter to Gov

URGENT ACTION: Sign-on letter to Gov saying no marked licenses – 4 PM DEADLINE TODAY Tell Gov Brown: No marked licenses! Sign-on by TODAY, 4 PM

Tell Gov Brown: No marked licenses!

Sign-on by TODAY, 4 PM Time Sensitive Action Alert: Asm. Alejo’s office is likely to amend AB 60 to include a marking on driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants, in hopes of garnering support from the Governor’s office.

We need to let the Governor know that marked licenses put undocumented immigrants at risk, and we want him to support AB 60 as is, with no markings. Time is short: Sign your organization on by 4 PM TODAY if you want to let Governor Brown and Asm. Alejo know that licenses should look the same for all, regardless of immigration status. Letter text below. Please click on this link to sign-on.

Text of Letter to Governor Brown (Asm. Alejo will be cc’d):

WE, the undersigned organizations, stand united for ONE license for all Californians. We believe all are safer when all drivers are properly licensed, tested, and insured. But a distinguishing mark on licenses that singles out undocumented community members would make millions of people vulnerable to discriminatory treatment on and off the road.

A “scarlet letter”-type marking on licenses – whether it brands the bearer as “not lawfully present” or puzzlingly declares that the license is “not for identification purposes” – would fill with peril countless daily interactions, from a minor traffic stop to a rental application.

California is behind on this issue. Both Oregon and Washington state provide the same license to all residents, and have done so for many years. It’s time for us to catch up.

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