Governor Signs TRUST ACT

With the signing of the TRUST ACT, AB-60, and other immigrant supportive bills, California is indeed a leader in advancing immigrant rights.  It is a testament to the community-based organizations, and especially the courageous dreamers, that have sacrificed so much over the years to deportations and all forms of injustice against our immigrant communities.  The Trust Act will help counter the mark on the license being used by local police to discriminate against undocumented. It will help stop the use of minor infractions as an excuse by local and state enforcement officials to call in ICE.   It also sends a message to Washington that the use of programs such as Secure Communities will no longer be tolerated and that the deportations must stop.  Let us continue to work together to  stop all deportations, to stop enforcement policies that racially profile our communities, and organize together for the legalization of our 12 million undocumented brothers and sisters (with policies that will immediately lead to permanent residency and citizenship – with no expansion of temporary guest worker (bracero) programs and with labor law protections).

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