Join the Trend To Build Alliances That Will Meet the Challenges of a Global Economy

“There are two trends developing right now that I sense. One is about the future as it is emerging and one that wants to take us back to a time before the civil rights movement. On the one hand, there is a trend that has been seeking to build unity among this society’s diverse groups in building the types of alliances and partnerships that are necessary to meet the challenges of a global economy. This includes ensuring the resources that are necessary to meet the needs of our students- our families. The other trend is one that is seeking to place the burden of the country’s economic deficit problems on the backs of our young people and their families, our immigrants and poor

people, our working people – through cutbacks at the bottom and not at the top. More than ever, we need the voices of our families – to get involved in building new collaborations to ensure that the priorities of this country are not just about profit for a few – but are about sustaining and ensuring the resources necessary for the many. This takes the crossing of borders from service giving (which is needed) to involvement in the policies that will have a long-term impact on the future of our children and our families.”

– Jose –




With organizers of the Parent Bilingual Conference where I shared with the participants:

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