IMMIGRANT DETENTION is the new ‘growth industry’.

Reading for a ‘brief’ report on IMMIGRATION DETENTION, I realized how much I didnt know. ( I am about to read Alfonso Gonzalez’ REFORM WITHOUT JUSTICE (Oxford) IMMIGRATION DETENTION is the new ‘growth’ industry in incarcerations. -that federal convictions and incarcerations for immigration offenses have NOW EXCEEDED those for drug related cases. Since 2009 there has been a 50% increase in immigration convictions. THe majority incarcerated have no previous criminal record. -LEGISLATION Much as the growth of legislation which criminalized behaviors and led to the ‘war on drugs’ and increase in non violent incarcerations, so has legislation been passed which criminalizes immigrants and increased penalties. In 2013 (by August) 60% of all federal criminal convictions were immigration-related crimes Among these changes are: mandatory sentencing has replaced the detain and deport options of judges and ICE officers re-entry without documents is now a felony SAFE (which passed the SEnate judiciary comm in the summer) lwould be draconian, expanded criminalization, detention facilities, allowing for indefinite detention. immigrants without money do NOT have a right to legal representation (this is long standing) -IMMIGRATION LEGISLATION: proposed legislation which may offer some undocumented people the ‘road to citizenship” is likely to be simultaneously tied to detention of increasing numbers of immigrants for expanded periods of time. Detentions, more than border control or ICE officials per se, appears to be the focus PROFITS FROM IMMIGRATION DETENTION: Detention offers the private companies (eg CCA and GEO) 20% MORE PROFIT than for prisons. The direction of legislation and of convictions indicates IMMIGRANT DETENTION is the new ‘growth industry’.

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