Arpaio finally booted from Wells Fargo Bank Building

On December 20 of 2007 Arpaio was run out of Pruitt’s Furniture Store after three months of Community Protests and boycott against the store.

Six years later, after a permanent boycott of Wells Fargo by groups across the country and non-stop daily actions in front of the Wells Fargo bank; Arpaio has been evicted. He has been pushed back into a County Facility that has also cost tax payers millions of dollars.

 Many said it was an impossible task, that the community will never be able to force the Bank to evict the Old Sheriff. However, Arpaio was kicked out, due to constant community pressure.  The Wells Fargo brand suffered a black eye and lost millions of dollars due to their close relationship with the most hated Sheriff of the West.

 Barrio Defense Committee members vow to continue the fight against Arpaio and Wells Fargo as long as Arpaio stays in office and the Bank continues to own stock with the owners of privately owned immigration detention centers, (The GEO Group).

 “Arpaio has left the heart of downtown but we won’t,” said Robert McElwain who has stood in front of the Wells Fargo Building almost every day for the last five year.

We will sing the Mexican goodbye song ‘Las Maňanitas” and cut a cake to celebrate 7 years of struggle against Arpaio and Wells Fargo.

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