Que Verguenza! Actriz latina apoya a candidato anti inmigrante en CA

Que triste que esta actriz apoya a este hombre que tiene una larga historia de ser anti-inmigrante. Que Verguenza! Donnelly has taken credit for leading a Minuteman group that even conservative former president George Bush categorized as “armed self-appointed vigilantes” and that the Southern Poverty Law Center (a national civil rights organization that is internationally known for its tolerance education programs) has listed as a “hard-line nativist and racial extremist hate group. He supported the Arizona Immigration Law SB 1070 and tried to introduce it in Californa; led a failed campaign to gather 500,000 petition signatures to repeal the Dream Act; believes that a tiny minority of environmental extremists have taken over California; and was caught at the Ontario airport with a loaded 45-caliber Colt Mark IV handgun with four rounds of ammunition in the magazine and a separate magazine with five additional rounds in his carry-on luggage.

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