Tim Donnelly takes credit for developing the Minuteman group in California

This is the same Minuteman group that Tim Donnelly, who is running for Governor under the Republican Party in California, has taken credit for developing in California in the past — and has bragged for having lived along the U. S. Mexico border for a month “to protest lax border security.” It is the same Minuteman Group that this article refers to where, in 2009, the leader of the Minuteman group in Arizona, Shawna Forde was given the death sentence (and the AZ Supreme Court has now upheld) for the killing of Raul Flores and his 9-year-old daughter Brisenia . According to police reports on the incident, Forde and members of her “posse” mistakenly raided the Flores home dressed as law enforcement officers “looking for money and drugs to finance her border-watch group.” By recently cheering for right-wing conservative Tim Donnelly’s announcement to run for Governor, the Republicans at the recent state GOP convention, are sending a message that the way “to restore the party to power in the state” is to go further to the right — and supporting an agenda that is thriving on creating fear and divisions among working people — and using their genuine concerns to blame our diverse communities for the economic problems in this country including: immigrants, pre-school children, poor people, women, elderly, union members, people of color, LGBT, and our unemployed communities.

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Death sentences for former border activist upheld

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