Need for Outreach on Cesar Chavez Breakfast

Our board members, in recent meetings, mentioned that it is important for all our members to begin to do some serious outreach for our Cesar Chavez Breakfast.  In this spirit, I would like to urge all Latino and Latina Roundtable members to write a personal note inviting your contacts and urging them to purchase a table and an announcement in the program.  In addition to the developed announcement for the breakfast, I have been sending my own note that is particular to key contacts that I have known over the years and it seems to be working.  Also, please do outreach to those contacts that we have met in the course of our work.  As has been mentioned by various members in our organization, one of the most important aspects of our organizing work should be to do follow-up on those individuals and organizations that have come to appreciate who we are and the sincerity/integrity of our organizing efforts.  Now is a good time in mobilizing for this annual event that is our only fundraiser.  Thank you for your efforts in ensuring that we have another successful breakfast this year.

Cesar Chaves Breakfast

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