21st Annual Alternative Spring Break in La Paz and Delano

This was the 21st year of taking students and community members to La Paz (Keene, CA) and Delano.  This year, we had the privilege of having students and parents from Pomona High School, Garey High School, Cal Poly, and LaVerne University visit for one day (on Saturday) during the 21st year of the Pitzer Alternative Spring Break in La Paz and Delano.  Attached are a few of the pictures from La Paz (Keene, CA);  students and community gathering at site where Cesar Chavez used to meditate; prayer at Cesar Chavez grave site; a picture with Arturo Rodriguez, national president of the UFW; and students and community at Pan Y Vino (cafeteria where Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta and farm worker organizers used to eat — and where we all shared a meal together and sang De Colores at the end).


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