Mississippi Freedom Summer 50th

Freedom Summer 50th is a five-day convening to learn from the past, evaluate our present, and strategize for the future. The International Conference and Youth Congress will be held June 25th – 29th, 2014 in Jackson, Mississippi (with the Youth Congress beginning on June 23rd, 2014) on the campus of Tougaloo College. Work sessions will examine each issue area and explore its context in the present-day struggle for justice not only in Mississippi, but globally.  Intergenerational work sessions and conference features include:


  • Its Historical Importance – Civil Rights Veterans and historians will discuss the importance of Freedom Summer 1964 in Mississippi and American history.
  • An analysis of the political and economic status of Blacks in Mississippi and America after 50 years of struggle, focusing on Voter Rights, Education, Health, Workers’ Rights, and the Youth.


  • Development of legal and political arguments, strategies, and tactics to make voting a constitutional right for all Americans.
  • Political organizing to take the South from being “red” to “purple” – i.e., conservative and Republican to the election of moderates and progressives at the State level.


  • The campaign to place an initiative to fully fund public education on the 2015 Mississippi election ballot.


  • Increasing the opportunities for all Americans to get affordable healthcare across the United States.


  • How to engage local communities in the fight to improve wages and working conditions.


  • From June 23 – 29, participants will be trained on community and youth organizing, and building successful progressive political campaigns and platforms. The focus will be in the areas of Education, Criminal (in)Justice, Voting Rights, and Workers’ Rights.

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Don’t delay.  This once-in-a-lifetime anniversary will be a week of celebration and serious conversation about the past, the present and most importantly, the future.

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