Volunteers needed on Tuesday night for Forum

Message from Madeline Rios in regards to forum on Driver’s License at Our Lady of Assumption, 6 PM, In Claremont this Tuesday: 

Volunteers would be welcome. The Sagrado Corazón Youth group is scheduled to help with the parking, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to have backup for that task if needed. The church emphasized the need to have parking directors so that task is especially important to maintain good relations with them. We could also use volunteers for the refreshments and information tables and for cleanup and set up. We have access to the auditorium (just to the south of the main church building)

We have a coalition team that has been working on the event:

Maura, Melissa, Humberto, Lydia, José Díaz, Chris, Benjamin, Jackie Maciel, su servidora, among others.

We’ve leafleted three times at Sagrado Corazón and organized the program. It’s very balanced with community and DMV participation, directly affected and allies, men and women.

PEOC worked with Canal 34 (I think that’s the right channel) and made a great PSA that’s being aired, featuring lots of Pomona people.

Madeline Newman Rios



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