Affirmative Action – part of a movement to diversify the curriculum

I have remained steadfast in my position that Affirmative action has not only resulted in diversifying our campuses with more women and students of color, it has been part of a movement to diversify the curriculum. Affirmative action has helped to pave the way for

underrepresented groups to attend college, to graduate and to write the histories of individuals who have been excluded or left out. Affirmative action has been part of including these voices, to explain why one group got stratified at one level as compared to another and to interpret why some groups were institutionalized at the lowest levels of the society.There would be no need for affirmative action if every individual who wanted to attend college were granted that right. In the meantime, we need to support efforts that consider race, ethnicity, gender and economic status in admissions policies. Real unity among all those concerned will be brought about as we direct our energies to the policy-making arena and promote the idea that there is no contradiction in preserving affirmative action alongside “class-based” solutions.–20140925-story.html


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