2014 Aztlan at the dA Center for the Arts

Invitation from the Da Center:

The announcement at the bottom is in a jpeg format so you can post to Facebook. At 5 pm the Copali Copili dancers will give a Blessing of the Four Winds.

In celebration of National Latino month

Aztlan  2014

Maestros y Mas

(Where We Began)

Honoring  Gloria Molina Los Angeles County Supervisor  and 

Hilda Solis Los Angeles County Supervisor-Elect

October 11 through November 22, 2014 in celebration of National Latino month.

dA Center for the ARTS  252 Main Street Pomona, CA

daartcenter@gmail.com  909.397.9716 – Work / 909.942.1606 – Cell 

 This year, the twelfth year that the dA Center for the Arts will be presenting the exhibit Aztlan, we are “tagging up” to use an old baseball term, touching base with the origin of the concept before we lead off towards the direction in which this project seems to be going. The title, Maestros y Mas (Where We Began), is about looking back once more and saluting the veteran artists, the “Masters” of the 20th century Chicano/a arts movement and cultural revolution. In a similar way as last years exhibit, Aztlan, Con Safos (The Next Decade), this year’s exhibit is being seen as a teaching moment, starting with a look at the historic past but with a view to the future. The “Mas” in this years title Maestros y Mas refers to that next generation of up and coming artists, who’s work reflects a current or future sense of place in Aztlan. In future Aztlan exhibits the thematic emphasis will be placed more on the concept of Aztlan as a culturally unifying sense of place, tracked through the fine arts, to examine how the “melting pot” in the mythical promised land of the Aztecs is possibly becoming less Eurocentric and more Mesoamericanized or Aztlanian.

The opening Reception will be Saturday, October 11, 2014, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

This year’s exhibit will feature works by the Chicano/a arts movement vanguard, the Maestros (Masters) from the 1960ies through1970ies. We will be saluting the past accomplishments of these veteran artists chronicling “Where We Began” as well as welcoming the next generation of emerging artists with eyes looking toward the future. Aztlan, the exhibit with over 40 participating artists, will continue to advance as a cross-cultural, multi-media show that is exploring the place that is Aztlan, “the promised land” described in Aztec mythology, that today encompasses Northern Mexico and the entire Southwest quarter of he United States. The Aztlan series at the dA Center for the Arts began in 2003 with the inaugural show “ Returning to Aztlan “ inspired by the painting “ Cruz’n Aztlan “ by Chicano artist/activist Gilbert “ Magu “ Lujan. The Aztlan exhibition, in it’s 12th year, continues to explore the transformation of the Chicano/a art movement which defined Chicano/a culture as part of our Southwest American heritage, and now entering a new decade focuses on present and future art work that expresses the Chicano/a inspired Aztlan esthetic.

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