Invitation to Luie Hernandez Navarro on Mexico and students in Guerrero

Invitation  from Professor Miguel Tinker-Salas (see attached flyers) to: 

 Presentation “From Pain to Hope” by Luis Hernandez Navarro, the Editor of the Opinion section of La Jornada, a leading paper in Mexico City who will analyze the situation in Mexico and the students in Guerrero.

The Presentations will take place at Pomona College in Claremont and at CARECEN in Los Angeles.

On Monday, November 10th, 7 PM:  Smith Campus Center Morgan Auditorium Room 208 (170 East 6th Street) in Claremont, CA

 On Tuesday, November 11th, 7 PM:  CARECEN (2845 West 7th Street in Los Angeles


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