LRT Meeting and Social on Sat., Dec. 13th

The Latino and Latina Roundtable membership meeting will take place this Saturday, December 13th, beginning from 1 – 4 PM with a pot-luck at the Pitzer Broad Center (1050 N. Mills Ave. in Claremont).  The pot-luck, organized by the organizational committee “will include a potluck and time for us to catch up to celebrate this year’s accomplishments in addition to our general forum on current events, local actions and organizing efforts.”

 (Please bring a dish or dessert and drink).  The meeting will also include summaries, updates, and discussions on the coordinator application, the upcoming newsletter, work of the CC Park committee, the recent fiesta at Cesar Chavez park, the organizing work on the Ayotzinapa 43, the voter education forum and elections, the coalition work with the NAACP on solidarity with 120-mile march in Ferguson, the forums with PUSD (Driver’s License, Daca, Matricula, and on recent immigration proposals), and the plans ahead (including a fundraiser, membership drive, and annual retreat). 


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