Daily Bulletin article: Cesar Chavez Pilgrimage March in Pomona

There were more than 200 that marched in the annual Cesar Chavez Pilgrimage march in Pomona but there were also hundreds more waiting and who joined the marchers in the quad area throughout the day at Garey High School.  When the marchers walked into the quad area, the area was already filled with supporters.  The largest turn-out ever for both the march and the fiesta afterward.

Daily Bulletin Monica Rodriguez: “This year’s walk theme was “Together We Move for Rights, Peace and Social Justice: Black Lives Matter, Remember Ayotzinapa.”

Organizers remembered African-Americans who have lost their lives around the country in violent acts involving law enforcement. A group of 43 students from the rural Ayotzinapa Normal School who disappeared in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero in September were also remembered.”

For picture with Maura Ayala and Councilwoman Cristina Carrizosa leading the march, See Link at:



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