Daily Bulletin Article: Shifts Nudging Immigrants in California Out of the Shadows

“But more importantly, the proliferation of such laws has made it safer for undocumented immigrants to live their lives openly. Without fear. Take AB 60 — the law that allows undocumented immigrants to get a California driver’s license. ?xml:namespace prefix = “o” ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” /

Since it went into effect on Jan.  2, more than 1  million applicants have applied for licenses, according to DMV data. And 268,000 licenses have been issued under the law so far. Many of those applicants have been aided by a support network of classes and seminars in places like Los Angeles, Pomona and San Bernardino.

… “These voices have now been heard. I think this is a modern civil rights movement, that it’s going to be very hard to put the genie back in the bottle,” he said.



Jose Zapata Calderon


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