Picket and Delegation at El Super in Covina on Thursday, June 11th

You are invited to support a Picket /Rally, and delegation in support El Super workers on Thursday, June 11th at 11 A. M.  at the El Super Store (960 W. Arrow Hwy.) in Covina. 


The Latino and Latina Roundtable, at its last membership meeting, agreed to support the UFCW workers in their ongoing negotiations with the El Super Corporation.  The NLRB will be taking El Super to court on the week of June 8th on charges of intimidating and firing workers, withholding sick and vacation pay and for their lack to negotiate in good faith.  The national office of the UFCW has called for a week of action at the UNION stores and the Latino and Latina Roundtable, together with other groups, will support this effort at the Covina Store.  We invite you and ask you to invite others.  Only through our efforts will this billion-dollar company be made to return to the bargaining table and to negotiate over workers’ basic needs like living wages, adequate paid sick leave, a 40-hour guarantee for full time workers, and RESPECT!   Many of our members and community supporters have shopped at these stores in the past and now we are demanding that El Super treat its workers with respect. 

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