Support Rite Aid Workers

 Rite Aid workers are in a tough contract with their employer. We have been negotiating with Rite Aid since May and the company has refused to move off of some proposals that would do great damage to the retirement, health insurance and working conditions our members have fought hard to not only establish but to protect for many years!! 

The company is proposing to due away with retiree health care!! There are many Rite Aid workers who have been working for the company since it was Thrifty Drug!! Now when so many are preparing to enter the next phase of their life the company decides that these hard working people will have to set those plans aside because this profitable and growing company wants to change the rules on them and break a promise that was made to them by Rite Aid!!

The company wants to pass along any and all increases in health insurance coverage to the members!! Our members have been fighting for affordable health care for a long time! They have taken on increases in cost and seen reductions in their coverage all in the name of trying to help their company when it was struggling and on the verge of bankruptcy!! Now that the company is growing and acquiring other assets they want the workers who saved this company to accept double digit increases in health care cost, while the CEO and executives continue to line their pockets with the profits that are made by these hard working and loyal employees all while pushing these workers further into poverty! 

The company is proposing to eliminate the 40hr work week! Rite Aid is saying this will only affect new hires but we know from past experience this will only cause division in the workplace and will ultimately put a target on older workers!! The company says this won’t happen but we all know that when a corporation has the opportunity to get rid of older more expensive workers they will do it every time!!! How can we trust the company to keep this promise when they are also looking to break the promise of being able to retire with dignity or the promise of having affordable health care for yourself and your family!! 

These proposals and many more that I didn’t list are what our members are fighting against!! 

We need your help!! 

We are asking if you can join us for an action in front of a Rite Aid store near you? 

We will be handling customers and asking them to sign a petition supporting the workers! 

Can you join us?

We hope to see you at one or more of these locations

Tuesday July 28th from 3p-5p

Rite Aid #5586 – 9650 Baseline Rd in Alta Loma

Rite Aid #6318 – 3000 S Archibald in Ontario

Rite Aid #5587 – 8760 19th Street in Alta Loma

Rite Aid #5602 – 1841 E Fourth St in Ontario

Rite Aid #5589 – 222 W G Street in Ontario

Rite #5600 – 1050 N Mountain Ave in Ontario

Rite Aid #5579 – 12059 Central Ave in Chino

Wednesday July 29th from 3p-5p

Rite Aid #5604 – 611 E Holt in Pomona

Rite Aid # 6338 – 2059 S Garey in Pomona

Rite Aid # 6492 – 15890 Soquel Canyon Parkway in Chino Hills

Rite Aid #5578 – 4200 Chino Hills Parkway in Chino Hills

Rite Aid # 5595 – 1480 Foothill Blvd In La Verne

Rite Aid # 508 – 933 W Arrow Hwy in San Dimas

Rite Aid # 5603 – 2798 S Diamond Bar Blvd in Diamond Bar

Thursday July 30th from 3p-5p

Rite Aid # 5610 – 1528 Amar Rd in West Covina

Rite Aid #5585 – 139 N Grand Ave in Covina

Rite Aid # 5593 – 13905 E Amar in La Puente

Rite Aid #5576 – 153 Gladstone Ave in Azusa

Rite Aid #5591 – 18993 Colima Ave in Rowland Heights

Rite Aid #5588 – 3570 Santa Anita Ave in El Monte

Your help in this fight is greatly appreciated!!! You have always been the difference maker when it comes to getting employers to treat their workers and our communities fairly!! 


P.S. Please share this with your contacts!! 

Mark Ramos


UFCW Local 1428 

Office (909) 626-3333 ext 246

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