Big Victory in Court agreeing El Super’s actions have been unlawful and that it has a legal obligation to bargain! Si Se Puede!

Great News to share.  Yesterday, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) secured a rare form of injunctive relief caused by El Super’s unfair labor practices.  The “10J” injunction signifies that a federal judge would agree that the company’s actions were so bad, an immediate remedy was called for.  

  • The company unlawfully terminated Fermin Rodriguez for his union activity.  The court ordered El Super to immediately reinstate Fermin to his former position as cashier at his store.
  • The company unlawfully unilaterally changed it’s vacation policy.  The court ordered El Super to reverse the changes to the vacation policy.
  • Finally the Company tells the Court it now recognizes it has a legal obligation to bargain.  The Court accpets this agreement to return to the table.  Bargaining will resume with the Union on August 18th.

It has been a long time since we started this campaign.  We won our recertification election, we proved El Super has stolen wages from its workers, and now this rare support from the Federal Government.  But, this is not over until we get a fair contract.

We won’t win this because the Company chooses to give us what we deserve out of the goodness of their hearts.  We will win this because we are supported by the Community, Elected officials, and Clergy.  Collectively we can make a difference and make the Company do the right thing.  We are stronger because of your support.

Today we took One HUGE step forward, towards a fair contract for El Super workers, Thank you!

Sylvia Carranza

Community Organizer

UFCW 1428

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