Invitation to film showing and platica: “Fear and Learning at Hoover Elementary”

You are invited (by Unity in the Community: MECHA, Latino and Latina Roundtable, and Cesar Chavez Pilgrimage Committee) to the second of many future film gatherings and platicas on issues pertinent to our communities. This film, Fear and Learning at Hoover Elementary will be shown this Friday, August 14th at 6 PM at Bellas Artes Gallery (244 S Garey Ave. in Pomona. 


Background to film “Fear and Learning at Hoover Elementary”:
Located in Pico Union, a neighborhood sometimes called the “Ellis Island” of Los Angeles, Hoover Street Elementary is the largest elementary school in the city. Some 2,700 students speaking 32 languages attend the school, and an estimated 90 percent of them are economic and political refugees from Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador living below the poverty line. “Most kids don’t know if they are legal or undocumented,” says Simón, who was six when her family immigrated from Mexico, and remembers being called a “wetback” by her schoolmates. “They all just feel unwanted and scared.”

You are free to invite anyone. This meeting will be a potluck so make sure you bring something delicious to share!

Here is a short clip:


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