LRT Invitation to 2015 Aztlan exhibit events at dA Center for the Arts

The dA Center for the Arts is proud to present the 2015 Aztlan with their community pARTner Latino/a Round Table 
Working together to build a better Pomona

Join us please for more art experiences at the dA Community Celebration de los Muertos y los Vivos
November 1st, 2015 from 3-7pm 

 With much enthusiasm and excitement, the Latino and Latina Roundtable and dA, invite all to join us in an afternoon of celebration of our loved ones and role models who have passed and celebration of our lives.  The Community Celebration de los Muertos y los Vivos will include an interactive alter, crafts for the whole family, music, story sharing and food. We hope to teach each other through sharing about celebrating life, death, and family.   Please bring a picture or recuerdo (an item that symbolizes) of a loved one to add to the alter.  (All pictures and items will be returned).

Lessons from an Activist Intellectual by Jose Zapata Calderon, co-founder of the Latino/a Round Table
Forum and Book Signing
Saturday, November 7, 2015 at 7 pm Free 

This book provides examples of how an academician can combine the roles of teacher, researcher, and activist with a community-based critical pedagogy for democracy and empowerment.  This book discusses the interconnections made between José Calderón’s pedagogy and his history as an immigrant, student, social movement leader, researcher, professor, and community organizer. At the same time, it provides examples of an interactive, intercultural, and interdisciplinary pedagogy that involves both students and community participants as both teachers and learners in social change projects. This style of pedagogy has a particular salience for historically excluded individuals from diverse racial, class, gender, and sexual orientation backgrounds, for whom the educational experience can be both an alienating and empowering experience.


Teatro Urbano presents

Detective Sanchez: The Ortiz Case

Tickets $15 if you can. $12 for seniors, students, & Pomona Residents 


“Los Angeles in the 1950’s was a smog filled city, but there was an air of innocence…”
Those are the words that open the Chicano Detective story. “Detective Sanchez, The Ortiz Case” written by Rene Rodriguez and Produced by Rosemary Soto Rodriguez and Ricardo Lopez.

The play opens to the sound of the Blues with a narration that sets the mood and rhythm by Raul Lopez, a onetime middle weight contender, who owns and operates,  La Mecca, a bar in Boyle Heights.

Lopez quickly begins to tell the story of his friend and drinking buddy, Rudy Sanchez, or better known in the barrios of Los Angeles, Detective Sanchez. In the hot summer of 1950, Lopez defends a woman with a problem.  Her son, Chuy Ortiz has been accused of murder. Sanchez has to prove the innocence of this young man, but one problem Sanchez is a drunk…le gustaba la borachara, as Lopez points out.

Support Theatre in Pomona  !


November 21, 2015  5 pm  Free 


Gallery Talk with
Artist / Activist Paul Botello 

Paul has murals all over LA County including Pizter College and Ceasr Chavez Park in Pomona. He is a font of  knowledge for the subject of art and activism.
Please join us ! 

Closing Aztlan Reception 6 – 8 pm




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