Act of Racial Vandalism at Pitzer College

This is to let you know of an act of vandalism that has occurred at Pitzer College where various walls were vandalized.  Some of the words spray painted in various locations throughout the campus included “Trump” — “Make America Great Again,” and included an attack on a candidate running for a Student Senate position.  This student is the son of respected scholar and professor Adrian Pantoja (who just completed the organizing of the 9th annual Rockabilly with students this last Saturday).   I contacted Adrian and offered our full support in exposing what has happened here and ensuring a quick response.  I sent a message to Adrian:  “This is despicable and I fully support your efforts.  Certainly, it can be covered over immediately — even if there is a sheet that is used.  Let me know if there is anything that I can do.  It is at times when our efforts are most effective – when these types of attacks emerge to stop the progress and to diminish our spirit.  I am so glad that you are responding in the way that you are responding and want you to know that you and your son have our full support.  This is also clearly not just an attack on your name but an attack against our diverse communities.  Thank you for your time on this and all you are doing.”  Adrian responded: “Thank you Jose. We are not going to let this issue fade away. I am most encouraged by the strength and leadership of my son and students. I will keep everyone informed of how the issue is being addressed.”   Adrian also responded:  “Yes, please share it with the members of the Roundtable.”

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