Request of support For Ecuadorean people

Latino and Latina Roundtable board member Claudia Bedolla is urging needed support for the Ecuadorean people.  She has sent a request from Veronica Pachano at Vejar School (who has sent the request below and the attached items that are needed – with contact information).

Dear friends,


On Saturday, April 17th a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the coastal region of Ecuador killing hundreds of people, destroying fishing ports, tourist beaches, thousands of homes, schools and churches.  Latest reports confirmed more than 500 deaths, over 3,000 injuries and many people are still buried under the collapsed buildings. While I am very grateful that my friends and family are safe because they mostly live in the highlands, so many have been affected.  The Ecuadorean Consulate of Los Angeles is sending shipments of non-perishable foods, clothes, bottle water, repellent, tents, sleeping bags, sheets and towels. If you want, you can give a hand by donating an item.  I am planning to take donations to the consulate the first week of May. 

Thank you in advance and please keep my people and Ecuador in your prayers.


 Veronica Pachano


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