Protest Rally- No New Bracero Program! Friday, Sept 8

The UNITED FARMWORKERS UNION & supporters will be conducting a protest THIS FRIDAY, SEPT. 8, 11:00 AM at CONGRESSMAN PETE AGUILAR’s DISTRICT OFFICE, @ 685 E. CARNEGIE DRIVE, SAN BERNARDINO, CA., ( near HOSPITALITY LANE ) as a result of Congressman Aguilar’s support of an expansion of the horrific H2A law. The H2A law is VERY SIMILAR to the old, draconian ‘ BRACERO PROGRAM’ which was a near ‘slave labor’ system wherein scrupulous growers had a unending supply of low wage, docile work force that were FORCED to work for one particular grower, even when the grower would NOT honor the minimum provisions called for. CESAR CHAVEZ & DOLORES HUERTA successfully lobbied congress in the early sixties to eliminate the BRACERO PROGRAM but the proposed expansion of H2A ( which is currently allowable only under certain circumstances ) would open the flood gates once again, going from temporary to year round and also apply to dairies, which are currently not included. ALL INTERESTED IN FAIRNESS FOR FARMWORKERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND !

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Protest Rally- Shame on Congressman Pete Aguilar!                                          

Friday, September 8th

11 AM

685 E Carnegie Dr, San Bernardino

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