Please Welcome Our New LRT Executive Director – Kathy Cabrera

We are excited to introduce our Latino and Latina Roundtable members and friends to our first director, Kathy Cabrera.  Kathy brings to our organization many assets to help us accomplish our goals and sustain or organization for years to come.


Kathy grew up in the city of Ontario and graduated from Pitzer College.  While at Pitzer, she was involved in numerous projects including: teaching ESL classes at the Pomona Day Labor Center; coordinating weekly Encuentro meetings between day laborers and students, and helping to organize the La Paz Alternative Spring Break and Cesar Chavez Pilgrimage.  In Pomona, Kathy gathered research and participated in defeating measure T that would have replaced the elections of city councilmembers by district to at-large elections.


She was a Fulbright Teaching Assistant in Malaysia; working alongside nonprofit organizations to raise funds for educational programs; and working as a research assistant and recruiter of Spanish-speaking parents at the University of Chicago for a social-emotional study in Chicago Public Schools.


In the next few weeks, Latino and Latina Roundtable members will be receiving e-mails and communication from Kathy Cabrera.  She has begun working on organizing our new office space, newsletter, facebook page, website, and files.  She will be handling our administrative responsibilities, fundraising, grant writing, outreach and strengthen communications with our members and community.  With her assistance we are looking forward to sustaining an ongoing organization to fight for social justice, create leadership and to educate our community on issues affecting us along with empowering our community.


When you have time, please stop by our new office at 1444 E. Holt Ave. in Pomona (Entrance #3 – Classroom 6)  and introduce yourself to her.




Jose Zapata Calderon

President of the Latino and Latina Roundtable

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