San Dimas City Council to take up SB-54 at April 24th public meeting

While San Dimas Mayor Curt Morris and Dennis Bertone don’t believe that “a brief opposing Senate Bill 54” should be taken up, Councilman Ryan Vienna, a Lieutenant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, “personally signed a brief opposing Senate Bill 54” and – has been pushing the council to do the same (resulting in another public meeting on the issue on April 24th).  Other cities, such as San Gabriel and Santa Ana have approved “safe cities” resolutions “affirming the city’s commitment to its immigrant population.”  The city council in Pomona, in putting this affirmation into action, went as far as to pass an ordinance that includes “the development and implementation of training materials for city personnel as they pertain to the requirements of SB 54.”


Jose Zapata Calderon
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2 thoughts on “San Dimas City Council to take up SB-54 at April 24th public meeting

  1. Julia Cordova

    Why is it not okay to want people who come to our country and state illegally to be sent back to their country?

    Do you ever speak with people who work in the medical, admissions and finance fields and see the theft that takes place daily by illegals? Well I do. I see them work the system, not getting married, teaching their family members how to collect government assistance and qualify for programs to receive money, food, etc. I see how they’ve figured out to label all their kids with disabilities such as ADHD to collect monthly assistance for all 4 of the kids. I am mexican and proud of my heritage however my grandparents came to the country legally. I grew up in Covina back in the 1970s when there were very, few mexican families or black families none of us non-whites never experienced discrimination. We all embraced and learned from our back grounds. At one time I wanted to become jewish because I thought bat-mitzvahs, temple and some of the foods were great. I begged my mom for a year. It was how we were raised to respect each other and not see color. I’m embarrassed by mexican people who push brown power and especially those who don’t push it to lift our people up… who do it to push their agenda and shame people who are white. The funny thing so many “white” people are not white. My son is half mexican and is as white as can be and he was shamed by a professor in one of his college classes. My son sees no color and speaks and loves everyone. You and other professors who have your academia I am great than you attitude because I teach embarrass me. Stop teaching division. Focus your energy on helping the illegals to become legal. One more note, my very white husband spends time and has become friends with a lot of illegals through his business. He has helped everyone of them and given them information along with an reputable attorney another friend of ours used to become illegal. Stop grouping opposers of SB54 as racists and biggest. We want our communities safe with law enforcement being able to do their job. I have many mexican relatives who are in law enforcement through out California and they oppose SB54 as they are experiencing the increased violence daily. Ride along with the law enforcement in east LA, borders of whittier, rosemead, commerce. See what they get to deal with. You are contributing to the increase of division in this country and it needs to stop. Educate yourself with the opposition’s view as you are an intelligent man.

  2. Anna Stewart

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. A lot of people in this country are immigrants. We’re a Nation of immigrants…, as were my parents, but they came here legally that’s the difference! We can’t go to any other country and expect to have the red carpet rolled out for us and, or have free housing, medical, and every other provision needed to survive. It’s easy for all those suppose it bleeding hearts who support Senate Bill 54, when they’re using someone else’money to fund all these outrageous programs to provide for the illegal immigrants.
    When we have American citizens that are homeless living here in towns and our cities. How do we justify that???


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