Your LRT Membership and renewal invitation and upcoming annual membership retreat

Dear Latino and Latina Roundtable members, former members, and friends,

I am writing to ask you to join the Latino and Latina Roundtable by renewing your membership or to become a new member this year. As you know, our organization relies on your support for our sustainability.


The Roundtable has had many successes this year, as well as challenges. We have been on the ground fighting for issues that matter to our community- immigration, education, and working in solidarity with other groups to make our community stronger and more just for everyone.

I just returned from La Paz where Cesar Chavez and Helen lived. It was a dream of mine to take our board members there for a retreat. Cesar Chavez and many other organizers lived and worked there and the spirit of organizing and community remains. Our goal as a board was to begin the process of a 3- year strategic planning for our organization. One of the priorities is to successfully grow the Roundtable and position it to continue its mission as we start a new decade. Now more than ever, our community requires a proactive voice and we need allies.

As this year and decade comes to an end, I thank you for your support and commitment and encourage you to continue to be a voice for justice! I would like to invite you to our 16th Annual Cesar Chavez Breakfast in 2020. Please save the date March 27th, 2020 at the Sheraton Fairplex in Pomona, CA. At this event, we honor community leaders and recognize students who are part of social movements. This event always brings our community together. We reunite with friends and colleagues and celebrate the spirit of Cesar Chavez. Please consider becoming an event sponsor and purchase a table for your organization or group. The Roundtable depends on this fundraiser to continue our work.

We know 2020 will be a critical year for our communities (regarding education, health for all, the census, presidential elections, the Supreme Court’s decision on DACA, etc.). Our board and members are committed to presenting our community members with the information needed and perspectives for them to form an opinion and act.  As part of this effort, we are carrying out our annual membership drive and we are asking new and past members are asked to send in their annual dues.  Attached is this year’s application with information as to where the membership form and dues can be sent.  Further, we invite you to join us at our annual Membership Retreat from 9 – 4 pm on Saturday, February 22 at the Solidarity Center (1460 E. Holt Ave., Entrance #3, Room 6) in Pomona.  I urge you to join us as a member in our ongoing efforts to organize and empower our communities. 

Thank you for your support.  
With gratitude,
Jose Calderon 
President of Latino Latina Roundtable.


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