Request for help by Doubletree Workers

There may be an outbreak at the hotel. Workers report at least 9 coworkers have had COVID over the last few months. There are only about 30 workers in the hotel.
Workers report management has not been following COVID safety measure. They have not supplied enough PPE to workers.  Workers say that when their coworkers have gotten COVID, management had not told them or asked them to quarantine.  Housekeepers report that Management does not give them the additional time and resources that they need to properly clean and disinfect guest rooms.  Management asks house keepers to clean 15-16 rooms a day-the same number of rooms they told them to clean BEFORE the pandemic. As a result housekeepers frequently skip breaks, including meals, and report being exhausted by all the work.
The outbreak and managements’ alleged failure to protect workers and guests threatens the health of the community.  Until recently, the County was contracting with the hotel to prepare food for home bound seniors.  Several airlines from ONT airport contract with the hotel to house their flight crews.  
Workers feel all these factors have contributed to the outbreak and put their health and the guests’ health at risk.
Workers went to management several time to ask for information about sick coworkers and more time and resources to clean and disinfect guest rooms, but they feel management has not listened.
Workers filed complaints with San Bernardino and CalOSHA.
Ask #1:
Call: (909) 418-4815 ask to speak to Bassam Shahin, General Manager
1. The hotel lower the room quota by 3 rooms, equivalent to the 90 additional minutes needed to do additional cleaning required to keep guests and coworkers safe.
2. The hotel bring back additional housekeepers to work to allow for the reduction of the room quota.
Ask #2:
Call: Zulfiquar Merchant, District Manager for Cal/OSHA, 626-239-0369
Share background of the current situation.

Demands: Inspect the COVID safety violations at the Ontario Doubletree and help protect the health of the workers and the community

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