Latino and Latina Roundtable- Board Elections on November 18th 2023

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Here are the bios of the 8 candidates for the 7 board at large seats for the Latino and Latina Roundtable. This is a two-year term. Meet the candidates and vote at the next meeting. The meeting is in person and there will be a zoom option for those who cannot be present in person.
1460 E. Holt Avenue Room 5
Pomona, CA 91767
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Karina Leon

I am Karina Leon, a married mom, daughter, sister, and friend born and raised in East LA with proud 1st generation Mexican roots—a long-time Pomona resident who believes in social and economic justice in our loving communities of working families. I have been a dedicated employee in the Labor Union Community for 25+ years with a passion for organizing, creating, laughing, and planning. I have worked professionally in the labor movement, organizing and mobilizing workers in all capacities. My career has flourished within the labor movement, and my passion for social justice shows in the top quality of my work and relationships. I tackle every day with a “Si Se Puede” attitude to accomplish the required objectives to meet our members’ needs, team objectives, and organizational goals. My work in the labor community fostered my participation as a Latino/Latina Roundtable member who has participated and volunteered in various meetings and events, bridging Union members to the social issues in our communities. During my free time, I enjoy traveling to the motherland with familia, relaxing with my husband, connecting with my children, and spending quality time with the rest of my family. They all have been integral to my work; I consistently strive to make them proud of our progress, advocacy, and presence in our communities.

Joshua Swodeck

I am an advocate for Culture through Arts, Education, and Community. I currently serve on the City of Pomona Cultural Arts Commission, School of Arts + Enterprise Board, and as a Member of the LA County Fair Association. For over 8 years, I served on the Pomona Council of PTAs over 23 Pomona schools. For over 6 years, I actively supported local artists through our gallery, Art Walk pop ups, curtain of exhibits, and continue to volunteer alongside my wife with the Alliance Cultural Center (Pomona4As). Earlier in his life, I spent over sixteen years, both professionally and as a volunteer, working with and mentoring young people in Miami, Brooklyn, South Central LA, Whittier, Covina, and Pomona. As a professional, I’ve spent over twenty years working with innovators, thought leaders, and community organizers, clarifying their marketing vision and developing specific strategies to forward their goals as a creative problem solver. My wife and I have two amazing children together.

Mike Suarez

First and foremost I am a Chicano, a person that will fight for Social Justice and is committed to improving the lives of all Latinos. Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta and Jose Calderon teach us these ideals. I have been on the Board of Directors of the Latino Roundtable for 3 and a half years and a member for 20 years.  The Latino Roundtable projects that I work on make a difference in the Latino community. We helped decrease the police checkpoints in Pomona and I helped sue the Pomona police department for raiding a Latino Roundtable community meeting at a local church. I’m now on the committee that will make Ethnic Studies a graduation requirement in Pomona , with college credit . A student that takes these classes are more likely not to be a truancy problem, not drop out and go on to college. Literacy is a passion of mine. I was appointed to the Pomona Library Board of Trustees from 2006 to 2017 and I was reappointed in 2021. I worked very hard to force the city to create a citizens police review commission. I am committed to bringing social change to our community! Thank You

David Estrada

David Estrada is a member of the Board of Directors of the Latino & Latina Roundtable. His passion is standing up for social justice issues related to working families. His career with the Service Employees International Union led to leadership positions as a Local Union’s Hospital Division Director and then as a National Coordinator to the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions AFL-CIO, headquartered in Washington DC. David has remained active in the labor movement and beyond. He serves as a Board Member of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement for San Gabriel Valley & Inland Empire.  He is a delegate to the L.A. County Federation of Labor, and the Inland Empire Labor Council for San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. He is Co-Chair of the California Association of Retired Americans for San Gabriel Valley. He serves as a good government observer for the League of Women Voters.

John Nolte

John Nolte served on the board of the PEOC (Day Labor Center), was active in Pomona Habla, has been elected twice to the Pomona City Council, and has been on the LRT Board since 2017. He is an attorney who represents students with disabilities and their families in special education matters. John heads up the LRT’s New Economy Committee, and helped this year to secure a $600K grant from the City of Pomona, in partnership with EcoCiv, to implement the Pomona Jobs Program. The PJP is a first step toward achieving LRT’s vision for a wellbeing economy that leverages the purchasing power of regional anchor institutions to build community wealth by investing in Pomona’s most vulnerable residents. John believes in all LRT does and that it is poised to grow and lead the region toward a quality of life for all that is healthier, freer, more equal, and more just.

Maria Galvan

My name is Maria Galvan and I live in Ontario, CA. I am a student at Mt San Antonio Community College, returning after 30 plus years. My goal is to graduate and earn a degree in child development. I joined the Latino /latina Roundtable after learning about their work on immigrant rights. I advocate on how to support the immigrant community especially those in fear of deportation and how they can defend themselves. I believe education is for all and especially for those who are systematically from disadvantaged groups. I enjoy watching documentaries, taking walks in the park and traveling.

Oscar Segovia

Growing up in the 1960’s and early ‘70s, my father, an educator, politician and civil rights activist, played a tremendous role in my civic, cultural and academic development. My mother had a profound impact on my moral and cultural development, both parents instilling pride in our Mexicano/Chicano identity.

Today, I am a husband to a high school administrator and father of three amazing children. This is my 25th year as a Social Science educator at Chaffey H.S. where I teach Newcomer U.S. History, Chicano/Latinx Studies (a class I created) and I am on a district Ethnic Studies committee.  I am also Co Advisor for our English Learner Program.

Last year, I was appointed to the LRT board where I served on legislative and Ethnic Studies committees and represented our organization at various community events.  I will continue to work helping our students and our community.  As Dr. King would often say, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”  With your support, I would like to serve another term as LRT board member bending that arc.


Oscar Segovia

Karen May

Karen May has a unique background that bridges community economic development; labor, community, and coalition organizing. Her current position as Political & Community Organizer with SEIU Local 1000 enables her to forge labor-community coalitions and hold civic leaders accountable. Karen’s early career was shaped by the United Farm Workers of America, working alongside iconic figures Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta. Wherever she has lived and worked, she has engaged in local organizing to promote justice and dignity for immigrants and community voices. Throughout her career, Karen has navigated diverse work environments – in private and public sectors, non-profit organizations, and hybrid structures. She is currently involved in the new “CA Jobs First ” economic development collaborative in the Inland Empire (called “Thrive Inland SoCal”). Karen holds two Master’s Degrees, in Community Economic Development, and in International Economics. She has championed innovative community development strategies and hybrid ownership structures that empower communities to create economic engines that drive change. Karen lives in Ontario and is very involved politically, serving as a delegate to the California Democratic Party, and a member of the San Bernardino County Central Committee. She is committed to helping develop local leaders with training and mentoring so that our communities can be self-determined by local residents. She believes in the mission and amazing work of the Latina/Latino Roundtable and looks forward to staying involved!

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