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Rally to Support Grocery Workers August 2

UFCW 1428 is still in negotiations with Albertsons, Vons and Ralphs.  They are voting on proposals August 8th.  

Time to heat it up a bit.  Put on your sunscreen and walking shoes and join hundreds in a march in support of grocery workers.  


Tuesday, August 2nd 11AM

Vans will be available at Local 1428’s offices, leaving at 9:00AM.  Please reserve your seat ASAP as space is limited.

Flyer Attached.

Together we can #MakeEndsMeet  for grocery workers!!

L. A. Times Article:


United Voices on Waste Transfer Station Issue

Invitation to Latino and Latina Roundtable


Subject: Urgent re: Valley Vista Services Pomona Waste Transfer Station

Attached you’ll find a flyer with date, time, and location of Wednesday’s action against the Waste Transfer Station. 

Please distribute widely. It would be great to have students, and other community activists from intersecting issues show solidarity and stand with us. 



The wage war for public workers’ union

The reality is, as we know, that the Supreme Court judges that are appointed — are not neutral — and that they are appointed by larger ideological and capital interests. The larger interests now are turning back the many changes that came out of the labor, civil and human rights movements. The recent decision by the Supreme Court, in a 5 -4 decision, ruled that public-sector unions in Illinois cannot collect dues from health care workers who do not want to be part of a union (although they may benefit from the collective bargaining gains that the unions may win for all workers). This decision is part of an ongoing attack to destroy the bargaining power and membership of unions. It has the capacity to advance similar policies that will affect all unions in the future. Only our collective organizing efforts, alongside labor, can ensure that this does not happen.

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