Article From La Prensa: SINDICATO: Realizarán elecciones en Pomona College

On April 22, representatives from labor, student, faculty, faith-based, and community-based organizations gathered in a rally while dozens of others sang and chanted in the dining halls at Pomona College in Claremont — in support of the Pomona College cafeteria workers, who for years have been struggling to organize a union. In the past, the college has created various obstacles to the workers’ unionization effort. In late 2011, the administration ordered a review of workers’ immigration documents, which resulted in the firing of 17 workers. The administration also instituted a gag rule they instituted a gag rule banning students and workers from talking in the dining halls. One year after firing 17 workers, many of them union activists, a new group of workers came forward demanding a union at the college — and now it is going to happen with a vote on Tuesday, April 30th.  Olga Rojas, from La Prensa, has written an article on the actions that took place on April 22 to support the dining hall workers.  The link is below:


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