Good Article — On the Fence About Syria? Read This!

Good article on what a huge mistake it would be for the U. S. to wage war on Syria. This is a civil war. Al Qaeda-affiliated groups are part of the so-called rebel force but this appears to be a small matter for the hawks in Washington — who have been looking for whatever reason they can find to intervene — and to make sure that the balance of forces moves in their direction. It is much like Iraq and the stories created about the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction. There is still no definite proof that has been provided as to what side used chemical weapons – but we are not to question those countries and international leaders who have doubts about the assumptions that are now being provided. The article relates:

“The Assad regime is surely brutal, but make no mistake: this is a civil war, not a one-sided slaughter.

And although some of those anti-Assad forces originally sprung up to protect the nonviolent protesters being gunned down by the regime, they have since been eclipsed by al-Qaeda-affiliated groups like the al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). In addition to committing serious human rights abuses of their own and establishing Taliban-style fiefdoms in their areas of control, many of these fighters belong to the same Sunni extremist groups the United States fought for nearly a decade in Iraq.”

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